We can assist in the purchase and sale of real estate, lot line disputes, property condition disclosure statement issues, fraud in the sale of real estate,  leasing, evicting tenants, covenants, easements, intra-family sales and loans, title problems, etc.
We use sophisticated software and online tools not available to the public to collecte debts, large and small. 
Estate Planning
Estate planning must be tailored to fit each individual client, so as not to oversell one who needs little or to undersell one who needs a lot.  If you are a small business owner, you may need your estate plan designed to work with your business plan as well.
We can represent your business in its formation, commercial disputes and many other matters. 
Nobody wants to be in litigation, but when you can't avoid it, James has over twenty years of experience.  

Probate can be simple or complex, depending on the circumstances.  Generally, it involves appointing someone to be in charge of an Estate, determining the heirs, lawful debts, taxes, and creditors, and distributing the property accordingly.