Call on practical experience that you can trust when you need a lawyer to represent your interests in a civil litigation, or class action lawsuit.

– Eviction/Rent Collection:

We often combine the actions for eviction and rent collection, maximizing the financial recovery for our landlord clients. 

– Title and ownership disputes:

We have successfully litigated ownership disputes involving potentially void deeds, lack of mental capacity, invalid attempts to transfer marital interests, and partition lawsuits. 

– Land Use Disputes:

We have successfully represented clients in disputes over the use of their land by municipal authorities who exceeded the rights granted to them, homeowners associations disputing the potential development of vacant lots, and others.

– Land Use Covenants:

We have successfully litigated for the homeowner and against the developer on the meaning and interpretation of the developer's own covenants.

– Partnership Disputes:

We have successfully represented a client in real estate development whose partner embezzled an amount more than six figures.

– Fraud:

We have successfully represented buyers of residential property who were defrauded by sellers. I represented the prevailing party in Nebraska's first reported appellate case on the Nebraska Residential Property Disclosure Statement and Neb. Rev. Stat. Sec. 76-2,120. This case clarified the intent of the Unicameral that a successful suit would result in attorney fees for the defrauded purchaser.